Thursday, March 16, 2023

Key West - We sail on the America 2.0


Sarah spent time at the wheel, quite the experience

America 2.0 is a replica of the boat that won the first America’s Cut, a schooner. She’s a beautiful boat and fast! It was built up the Hudson River and she spends the winters in Key West and the summers in New York City. She sails at 1:00 and again at sunset. 

All hoisting of the sails was handled by two girls

The crew is composed of three girls: the captain (with a 100 ton Captain’s license) and two girl deckhands. They handle the raising and lowering of the sails manually. There are four sails to put up and they don’t go up easily. They swing on the lines, using their weight to pull the sails up. They have more energy than I do!

Of course, Ann and I both took our turns at the wheel

The winds piped up to above 20 kts and we hit over 11 kts at full speed. We didn’t quite put the rail in the  water but it was close! We were cutting through the 3 to 4 ft waves, spraying some on deck - it was quite a ride, highly recommended.