Sunday, March 5, 2023

Key West - The Cantina Band with Hot Jazz at the Green Parrot


The bar is all open air with many large fans blowing - good circulation

One of the attractions of Key West is the music. One of the best venues is at the Green Parrot Bar. One may ask, how good could a band be if it plays for free? The Green Parrot has no cover charge but it’s polite to at least buy a beer to go with the free popcorn. 

It’s a four piece band, they all are accomplished musicians 

Our Sunday afternoons are typically spent at the bar listening to whatever band they feature but Sundays are usually focused on jazz bands. Today was no different with the Cantina Band playing. Now, as to the question of “how good a band can you expect for free?” I recorded a video of one song that featured a wild performance by the violinist. Watch the video and just for yourself. The other players aren’t bad either. Take a look at the YouTube video! It’s a three minute video, the violin player comes in at the one minute mark.

The free popcorn is served automatically by pushing a button, no hands touch the popcorn as it comes out a chute. And, it really is free. We’ve met the same people each Sunday and we usually wind up at the same table, listening to the music. We save each other seats. Transportation is provided by the free Duval Street bus that stops right by the bar. 

It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Come on by if you’re ever in Key West.