Thursday, March 9, 2023

Key West - Art Gallery and helpful people


What do artists talk about?

The day was to be cloudy most of the time so it was a good day to go exploring - without the sun beating down. We hopped aboard the Duval Loop bus and headed to the south end of Duval Street. Ann wanted to see the Alan Maltz gallery. He works with photos mounted on metal that gives them a vivid look. 

As in all art galleries, Ann had to spend time with the curator comparing notes. Ann thought the photos were of high quality but the composition could be improved. The artist tended to have his photo centered on the main subject which Ann found distracting, especially when the horizon in the photo splits it exactly in half. Oh well, it’s what concerns artists.

There’s a brick step right by her left leg. It caught her leg as she turned to her left. 

On the way out, Ann posed in front of the gallery, and just after I snapped the photo, she turned to her left and the top of the step caught her leg and cut open her newly healed injury of last month. It bled a lot and many people nearby came to the rescue. It was heartwarming to see all the help offered, complete with bandages and advice from a nurse there. Ann stopped the bleeding and we were going to walk to the nearest bus stop but a good samaritan offered to give us a ride back to Fleetwing. We were grateful for the offer and we accepted. Back on Fleetwing, Ann dressed the wound and all is calm now.