Sunday, March 12, 2023

Key West - Our Spring Break Crew Arrives!


At the Waterside Brewery, quite good. 

Of course their flight was delayed, initially three hours but then it turned out to be “only” an hour. They had a hard time finding a slot for arrival into Ft Lauderdale - it was very busy. And, the car they reserved was not there, another delay - but eventually they got on their way but it was too late to make it all the way to Key West so they stopped for the night at Homestead. 

We had our customary Sunday morning breakfast at Schooner Wharf and retired to Fleetwing to await arrival of our crew for the rest of the week. Finally, they made it around 1:00 or so and I think the boat sunk another few inches with the load that came aboard. Where do you put nine people on a 42 foot boat? 

Sarah wanted to sleep in the dinghy - but no… 

We have our forward cabin, Philip and Monique in the aft cabin, Matthew and Rachel have the main cabin, and that leaves Sarah and Natalie in the cockpit. I think Sarah wanted to sleep in the dinghy but we thought that was not a good idea. 

The crew has all sorts of plans tomorrow, we’re spectators for the show, we’ll see.