Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Key West - Green Heron and $5 tee-shirts


A Green Heron

Normally we see the Great Blue Heron in Florida, especially in Titusville. However, today we saw the Green Heron for the first time, at least for us. He’s just a little fellow but he posed for his photograph like a pro. I was waiting for him to dive for a fish but he just sat there, probably waiting for us to leave so he could fish for his dinner.

Why pay more?

This was a rare day when there were no cruise ships in town so I walked into town for tee-shirts. The first place I always look is the store that has everything for $5. That makes shopping easy, everything is the same price, including the sweatshirts. I needed one for the trip north in case it cooled off headed that way. After all, why pay more for a tee-shirt if a $5 one will do as well? They are certainly durable enough since the ones I have from three years ago have worn just fine. 

Without a cruise ship in town, it’s not crowded at all in the stores.