Saturday, March 4, 2023

Key West - A second Arts Day


It’s the same vendor Ann bought her earrings from last week - all are handmade and very pretty

There are two Art Days at Key West: the famous one in town and a week later many of the same vendors that are local will show up at the Art Show by Schooner Wharf. The second art show is more convenient and it still has Ann’s favorite jewelry shop. 

There were paintings on display too, and many other wares.

This time we shopped at the vendor next door that featured hand decorated tops for women. I splurged and bought Ann one that was especially pretty. We had an enjoyable morning just walking and sightseeing the displays. The thing about being this far south in the winter is the sun. When the sun is behind a cloud, it’s very pleasant but when it bears down on you, it heats up in a hurry. The air temperature is only about 81 but with the sun seems a lot hotter. 

Sunday morning will be our breakfast at Schooner Wharf, a tradition we started this year. I have to wonder why it took us 13 years to find the best place in Key West to have breakfast? Their short order cook has everything to perfection, he gets lots of practice. With a view of the harbor, it’s a perfect venue. 


Bob423 said...

Anonymous, I have all the data on T-Mobile speed all along the ICW. I just have to put it together. In general, it was faster than Verizon but it had two blackout spots:
- Along the Alligator - Pungo Canal (same as Verizon)
- At the north end of the entrance to Minim Creek where the floating bridge is located, no service but Verizon had service there.

T- Mobile was amazingly faster in cities. A complete report coming later.

Anonymous said...

Follow up question: Is your T-Mobile a home internet device or a cell phone?

Bob423 said...

Anonymous, an iPhone Pro 14.