Sunday, January 24, 2021

Titusville - Another launch


Another launch! Right into the sun this time.

It's getting so the rocket launches are becoming routine. SpaceX has taken all the drama out of the launches with the success rate approaching 100%. The rockets are being reused, up to 6 times so far. And, they are landing just like in the science fiction novels we used to read - tail first on a flame of fire. Actually, it's great news - Musk has singlehandedly kept the US in the forefront of space access. It's still exciting to see the launches though. 

Just a nice day

We had our donuts again from Donuts 4 U, the best donuts in Titusville! I have a routine now of parking outside the front door, ordering over the phone, and the clerk brings out the order to my window - no contact with anyone inside. We are going to be very diligent until we get the last of our two doses of the vaccine in about a month from now. We plan on being completely protected by the time we head north in April. 

We sure are enjoying the warm weather, in the 70s now!