Saturday, January 9, 2021

Kinda of liking Walmart


From our drive on Black Point yesterday

So you're in the middle of a pandemic and trying to decide how best to get groceries. I've used Instacart in the past and it's fine if you don't have access to a car. The problem is that you not only pay a monthly fee for the service but you also pay higher prices for each item you buy - and - you're expect to leave a tip too! That adds up in a burry. If you don't have access to a car, then that's the best option. It's cheaper than renting a car for a day and even cheaper than Uber. 

We love the Spoonbills, such great colors

However, we do have a car, we drove our own car down from New York so we have more options. Looking around, we saw the offer from the local Walmart to order groceries using their app on the iPad and then picking them up at their store. They have an area marked off with numbers for each parking space. You pull up to a space, call them to tell tem which slot you're in, and they will bring out your groceries and put them in your trunk at no charge. You pay the in-store prices (unlike Instacart!) and there is no added fee for the service. That said, we still tipped the woman who brought out our order. We had no contact with anyone. With the groceries safely loaded in our truck, we headed back to Fleetwing satisfied with a job well done. 

The weather continues on the cool side, at least for Florida but with the sun out, the cockpit was nice and toasty. Our small space heaters (1500 watts for the main salon and 400 watts for the forward cabin0 keep us comfortable. We are settled in for the winter! 


Fred Brillo said...

Bob. FYI, Publix also does curb pickup at most all their stores. We've been using it since the infection rate in South Florida got really bad this past month. It's worked out well for us as has shopping very early in the morning before the crowds.

Our daughter lives in Nashville so we tried ordering for her remotely but couldn't find a Publix in Nashville that offered the service... And they are a real Covid hotspot!