Sunday, January 10, 2021

Donuts 4 U and a trip to Playalinda


A deserted beach, beautiful in a pandemic

Sunday in the Sherer household is donut day. The best place we've ever found for donuts on the ICW is Donuts 4 U in Titusville, Florida. They are their own bakery and they are all fresh every day. We haven't found any place to be better for donuts. However, I was concerned about entering the shop with the status of the virus so I called in advance and they offered to bring my order out to the parking lot. With that, they had a deal and we had our donut fix for the weekend! 

He didn't appear too happy with the cool weather

Since it was such a sunny day even though it was only 60 F that we decided to explore Playalinda. It's a beach that goes on forever and is mostly deserted, even in the summer. On a day like today with a north wind, it was virtually deserted but there were still a few brave souls around. 

We saw him by the side of the road on the way back

Ann looked for shells but there wasn't much in evidence. It was nice to just get out and just walk. It's great having a car for the winter, fun to explore the area, and how having to worry about rentals. It's due to warm up next week but with the sun out all day, our enclosed cockpit was nice and comfy. We are settling nicely into our winter routine.