Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Titusville Marina News

The Titusville Marina dinghy dock, $2/day for a max of 3 days

The marina is getting a new WiFi system. The present one is outdated in the extreme. The total feed for the entire marina is only 20 Mbps but the new system will have a feed of 200 Mbps. Improvements will also be made by deleting the sign-in page which was a constant source of complaints when users could not get the page to appear on their device.  There will also be a password which will enable encrypting of data between their router and your device, always a good thing - now, everything is transmitted out in the open. The system is due to be approved 1/12/2021 and installed within a few weeks. We all have high hopes for the new service. 

You can use this dock free of charge but it's a walk to the office and on to town

Meanwhile, if you anchor out at Titusville, you can still use the dinghy dock by the office for $2/day and if you want to use facilities (showers, laundry, etc.) it's $6/day. However, there's a limit of three days for an anchored boat. If you want to have shore access beyond that, there's a free dinghy dock over by the dog park next to the public boat ramps. 

I always thought these were odd-looking
birds. They remind me of the villains
in Time Bandits.

Everything is up and running here and in town. You must wear masks in stores but at least they are open and most stores will deliver what you order over the phone or webpage right to your trunk. The vaccine is on the way but it's going to take a year to get everyone vaccinated that wants it. I don't think things will change much until the end of 2021 at best. I would hope for vaccination for us by springtime but it's going to take much longer for the rest of the US, not to mention the rest of the world. I sure won't be traveling overseas in the near future, if ever.