Friday, January 8, 2021

In Florida - Summer has returned! (well, almost...)


Rosetta Spoonbills in display

Rosetta Spoonbills in display

We made the trip south from New York in two days. In deference to the virus, we booked an outside room on the first floor. We didn't want to wander down any corridors and pass by other travelers. The temperatures remained pretty steady around 35 to 40F until we reached the Florida border when it jumped to 65F! When we got out of the car, ahhh. The marina dockhand said it's been warm except for the last few days when temps got down into the 60s (ha). 

Alligators were in abundance too

The big difference this year is that we have our car with us for our stay. We couldn't wait to see Black Point Drive over on Merritt Island so we took the afternoon off and did just that. The birds we in great abundance and especially the rosetta spoonbills with their fancy pink coloring. Merritt island is known as a wintering over area for many species of birds. 

This guy was hiding pretty well, hard to see

However, more than birds use the habitat, mainly alligators alongside the canals by the drive-through. They are not very active this time of the year with the cool weather but I wouldn't want to challenge them to a race, they can reach 20 mph on land - that's much faster than I can run. 

We are settling into our winter in Florida routine and the nice daytime temperatures are just great to enjoy compared to our home up north. We won't be going to Key West this year due to the virus so we'll just stay put and isolate. We ordered groceries from Walmart and they will deliver them to your trunk when you drive up to their store at no extra charge. Best of all, you pay the same prices with this service compared to shopping in the store. That's a better deal than Instacart who charges a monthly fee and on top of that also charges more per item than the in-store price. Such as adventures in Florida. 


Lawrence Leonard said...

Have a great winter. It looks like both S/V Fleetwing and M/V Redhead will be wintering over at the Titusville Marina. Hoolie will have buddies at the dog park. Stay safe and have a Happy, Healthy New Year!
Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence C.L.O.D.'s