Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Into warm weather, a little cool must come


Hoolie's coquina rock

We are in Florida and it's certainly warmer than up north, especially New York - but it can still feel cool with a high today of only 60F. We are a boat so the bottom half of our "home" is submerged in much warmer water and with an electric 1500 watt heater, we're doing just fine. 

I wonder where this guy goes on such a cool day?

One of the reasons we went south was to be able to get out in the morning in more than 20-degree weather. I used to run with temps down to -10F but that was many years ago, no more. Even on cold mornings here, it's much warmer than 20 F, our lower limit up north. So it's out in the morning for a run and then a walk in the afternoon. We occasionally will take Hoolie over to the dog park but we like warmer weather for that. Today we took him to see the coquina rock near the park. You find these all over Florida for yard decorations. The hole was left after a palm tree died thousands of years ago. 

Time for a warm up over the next few days!