Thursday, January 28, 2021

Titusville - The wind she blows...


Whitecaps in the mooring field

Yesterday, it was the low 80s as we had our wine in the cockpit, today it was in the low 60s. Of course, we get very little sympathy from our friends up north but to those of us with thin blood from being down south, it's cold! The sun was out today and the cockpit warmed right up. The best upgrade we ever did was to get a full enclosure. It about doubled the size of living quarters and provides great warmth on sunny days. Don't leave home without one!

A big step up!

Another aspect of a north wind is the lowering of the water. A north wind pushes water out of the upper Banana River where Titusville is located. When we first arrived at Titusville in the fall, there was a foot or more of a step down from the boat to the dock. Now, with the strong north wind, there's a one foot step up to the dock, a two foot difference. A two foot difference can make a big difference in navigation in shallow waters! This area is not affected by celestial tides but it certainly is affected by wind tides 

In the fall when we first arrived, we had a big step down! Wind tides!

We'll have our electric heater going tonight, nice to be warm at a dock with electricity. 


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Just a quickie clarification. The Titusville marina is on western shore of the Indian River, and is in the northern part of the Indian River Lagoon. In this part of the lagoon, the Indian River separates the mainland from Merritt Island. The Banana River is on the east side of Merritt Island.