Monday, January 11, 2021

Today was why went south for the winter


Look at that missing section of the ICW!

With light breezes and a warm sun and highs in the low 70s, it was a perfect winter day in Titusville. We are getting our runs in for the morning with walks in the afternoon, all in full sun. One tends to lose a sense of having to get things done in such an atmosphere. Fleetwing needs a good scrub on the outside, the teak needs to be sanded and sealant applied, and I could go on and on, you get the idea. But the cockpit is so warm, the sun is so comfortable, why not just enjoy the day. 

In the meantime, I spent most of the day answering an email from NOAA on why they should fix a chart error just south of Vero Beach which shows the ICW ending for a several hundred feet stretch with an "island" in the middle of the channel. The "island" does not exist but the chart makers at NOAA do not know that except for my word on it. So I put together my arguments and data to see if the charts in that area can be accurately updated. We'll see what happens. 

Still thinking of Black Point Drive

Being an Ohio State graduate, I'll be watching the OSU vs Alabama football game tonight for the NCAA championship. No matter the outcome, it will be interesting, I hope. 


Mary Minard said...

Glad you have rejoined Fleetwing and the warmer weather. Are you able to take Hoolie to any of the beaches?
I very much appreciate your direction in choice of ipads and I have found the transition to it seamless. Having used Aquamap in a casual way I am working towards a more involved relationship with it. We get our first Moderna shot tomorrow (Ct) so that gives me a month to conquer the tech and then we will rejoin our boat at LaBelle.
I wish you and Ann balmy days and no NE winds coming into the harbor.