Friday, January 22, 2021

Titusville - Frustration but success in the end - vaccine wars


With a warm, sunny day - the turtles were out in force

The sign-up period started at 6:00 am Friday morning over the Publix website. I had three devices going at the same time, none of them were offered an appointment as the minutes ticked by. There was no button to click on, the site would give you a sign-up page once an appointment was available. So, I waited, waited, and waited some more as I saw the status of appointments slowly change over to "Fully Booked" in county after county. 

The same ramp - do you figure it was before or after the turtles
and what happened to them? (is that a bulge in the tummy?)

After about 15 minutes, my iPad came to life with a button to request an appointment. My laptop and iPad Pro remained lifeless. I immediately jumped on that and got my appointment without incident but I could only make one appointment at a time. I had to reenter the system to get one for Ann. Luckily, once into the appointment system, you can make another appointment without waiting for the magic button to reappear. 

I love the walks through the woods. It had to be raised due to the wet ground.

I got to the last page for Ann's appointment and then the webpage refused to submit the appointment! After some very frustrating minutes of trying everything I could think of, I found a way to bring the webpage back to life and got one of the last appointment for the vaccine. It's a different day and place than mine but it's in the system. If all goes according to plan, we will both have our second shot by February 23. 

All this is rather upsetting to say the least. It also came on the day that DeSantis set out new rules to prevent vaccines for out of state fly-ins. Florida is one of the few states allowing vaccine shots for those over 65 and people were flying in from all over the country and even from South America to get the shots. Now you have to be a Florida resident or a snowbird with a residence in Florida over the winter (even if you have an out of state driver's license). We expect to qualify with our lease on dockage at the marina and paying utility bills but it's not certain. I'll find out for sure Saturday when I'm due to get my first shot. 

Meanwhile, we both went to Merritt Island to settle the nerves. 


Shirley Sherer said...

Indiana is now allowing vaccinations for 70 and up, so I made an appointment for Feb 2. I believe they'll make the appointment for the second shot while I'm there, so I'll have mine done soon, too. Even though I probably still have immunity, at least for a while, it's good to have it covered.