Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Titusville - SpaceX Starlink Launch


Starlink rising

We've seen several SpaceX launches since we've been here but this was the first one in the early morning. The night launches are spectacular but the early morning ones show up the vapor trail better. It was another launch of 60 satellites for worldwide internet. They showed an ad before the launch of people in northern Canada who had no internet but with Starlink, they were seeing 120Mbps. They were amazed. 

Up, up and away! 60 more satellites!

The cost for the beta version goes for $99/month and $499 for the satellite dish. Spacelink is targeting the northern latitudes, as you might expect, where internet access is very slow or non-existent. In this age, internet access is a necessity, especially for kids in learning. They are applying for licenses all over the world. Nobody else has launched any satellites yet, Starlink (Elon Musk) has it all to himself so far. 

I'm just hoping the internet service here at Titusville will meet expectations once the new system is installed, it was approved last week. Meanwhile, we are enjoying the warm-up.


Fred Brillo said...


Regarding Covid Vaccines. I have some bad news for you if youve not yet gotten yours...

"Florida restricts COVID vaccines to state residents after complaints of shots going to tourists"

The above headline was in todays newspapers.

Bob423 said...

Ron DeSantis clarified that today. If you have a lease of a month or more, then you can get the vaccine. They wanted to prevent people from flying in for one day and getting the vaccine. We have a lease for a dock at Titusville Marina.

Changes in L'Attitudes said...

I've signed up for the StarLink Beta program ... they might begin 'testing' in the Florida area sometime this spring. If selected, I plan on using it on the boat as an alternative to cell and marina.

Bob423 said...

Changes in L'Attitudes, I would be very interested in your results! Please let me know when you test it!