Saturday, January 23, 2021

Titusville - vaccine success!


Good camouflage!

I appeared on time at Publix for my vaccine shot at 11:48 am today and per the governor's latest guidance, I was asked to show proof of Florida residence. The rules allowed snowbirds to be included in the Florida residence list and with the contract, I showed with Titusville Marina and the list of monthly payments with electric bills included, that was enough to qualify me for the vaccine. It's the same criteria that DeSantis advertised in the list of requirements sent to each vaccination station. 

Summer is coming - the beach umbrellas are out on this warm day

With that, I received my first shot of the two-dose regime today and Ann is due for her first dose on Tuesday. After that, there's a four week delay until the second shot and even then you have to wait about three to four weeks to be fully protected. However, we should be good to go for the trip north in April. We would truly like to enjoy Charleston downtown, St Augustine, Windmill Harbour, Coinjock, and other places on the way north not to mention visiting friends along the way. 

We ordered our second installment of Walmart groceries delivered right into our trunk. That's a hard service to beat, especially considering you can order anything in the store, not just groceries - and there's no charge for the service. The prices you pay are the same prices as if you shopped in the store yourself. After trying to tip today, we were informed that tipping was not allowed for that service per Walmart policy. It's like tipping the cashier at the checkout counter, it's not done. 

It was a good day!


captainwjm said...

But, you should tip anyway.

SV Puffin said...

Glad you got vaccine! Hopefully no side effects. My people had more side effects after the second one than the first.
If you have not done so already, check out Orlando Wetlands park. It is just past Fort Christmas off the same road. Maybe 1 - 2 miles more. We saw tons of birds and 2 otters last week.
Take care,
S/V Puffin

Bob423 said...

captainwjm, I handed the tip out the window, she refused to accept, said she was not allowed to accept.