Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Titusville - Hot weather - before a cool front tomorrow



We are surely enjoying the warm weather with temperatures in the 80s today. It's reflected in the free waterpark in the nearby city park. They have a variety of water sprinklers to play in and in the warm weather, all the kids come out. I took Hoolie over for an afternoon walk to enjoy the weather. 

Some palm trees have their own idea of how to grow

It's day 2 after the vaccine shot and Ann is tired and I think that's one of the side effects. The first day I had the shot, I was asleep by 8:30, very unusual for me. Ann is feely drowsy too. I was fine the next day and I suspect Ann will be too. Otherwise, there have been no other effects. 

Nearby is Westland Marina, in the same harbor as Titusville but towards the south

I'm fascinated by the palm trees where one seems to strike out on its own, above and beyond all the others. I wonder what singles out that particular tree to do that? I see the same effect down in Key West, one palm tree just goes it's own way. 

Tomorrow would have been our first day in Key West but not this year. We are not giving up and we're looking forward to next year for a return during hopefully more normal times.