Monday, January 18, 2021

Titusville - A walk at Oak Hammock on Merritt Island


A jungle walk, but civilized on a boardwalk

Maybe winter is over? At least we can hope. With full sun today, it was time to get out and enjoy the freedom of walking around. It makes a big difference staying at Titusville when you have a car to see the sights so we all piled into the car and headed to Merritt Island. 

I love the translucent look, it glows 

The visitor center was closed and they had a sign that said they were only open on weekends, contrary to their website that states they are closed all the time. We continued north to Oak Hammock which is still open and I think most of the hiking areas remain open too. With the cool weather of the last few weeks, there were no mosquitos out. The area is a riot of shades of green with an occasional wild orange tree with red berries scattered about. 

Color added for interest, but don't eat (to Hoolie)

We just enjoy getting off the boat and the fresh air. I think Hoolie had sensory overload. He was to the right, to the left, sniffing - there was no straight path for him. So he's tugging away while I'm trying to take photos, a losing cause. Having a car changes everything when staying at Titusville Marina.