Thursday, January 21, 2021

Titusville - Bird Therapy


He was slowly making his away across the road, no hurry

Yesterday the window for applying for a vaccine appointment opened at 9:00 as I set ready with my finger poised over the reload key. At 9:00 on the dot, I reloaded - site not up yet, then a few seconds later it was up. I saw a list of openings, I selected one, requested 2 of the 192 appointments available for that time slot, and was switched to a screen that said, "Getting your tickets, please stand by".

Slim pickings! Who pulled the plug?

I was encouraged but then the waiting started. 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes - all with the warning not to refresh your screen in order to keep your place in line. At the 17 minutes mark, the screen message changed to "All tickets sold out". A vaccine ticket is the hottest ticket in Florida at the moment and apparently, some individuals have found a way to "game the system". I noticed that Evenbrite, the site that runs the reservation system, allows the entry of "special codes" to obtain a priority. I don't know if that's allowed for vaccine appointments but it's part of the website. 

At any rate, we remain without an appointment and I'll try again at 6:00 am Friday morning to get an appointment through Publix for their vaccination program. I'll be poised once again at the witching hour and we'll see how it goes. 

Meanwhile, we took another tour of Black Point in Merritt Island in an attempt to salvage the day. The area was very low in water but there was still a lot to see, including a turtle this time! Wish me luck for Friday morning!