Thursday, January 14, 2021

Titusville - Cabin and Cattle


A propane tank fill-up - typical shop in Titusville. If your tank date has expired,
they will retest the tank for $20 and add on another 5 years. Cheaper than buying a new tank!

With the full sun today, it was time to take a ride to Christmas, Florida. There's a fort there along with preserved cabins and other examples of early buildings in Florida. I understand the early settlers had some time with the mosquitoes! Here in Titusville on our dock, we haven't seen any insects at all, perhaps it's the time of the year. 

Not so bad for an early house in Florida - at Christmas, FL

On the way back, we stopped at the Route 50 crossing over the St Johns River. This far south, it's quite shallow but it harbors a bunch of alligators. We didn't see any today but there are cattle that coexist with the alligators and seem to get along with them just fine. You would think the cattle were prey for the alligators but they don't seem to be attacked from what we hear. 

What alligators? I'm good...

We are settling in for the winter. Friday is grocery day and once again we will use Walmart's service of gathering the items and putting them in the trunk, nice. Florida has a policy of offering covid-19 vaccine shots to anybody that makes a reservation, Florida resident or not. There was an announcement for vaccines offered at 8:30 yesterday morning for sign-up and the entire allotment was gone out by 8:40. Florida is one of the few states that offers the vaccine first to those 65 and over. There have been reports of people getting a ticket for shots over the internet sign up site and flying in from other states for one day to get the shots. There are residents that are pissed over that! We are on an instant message alert for when more vaccine shots are offered but the window to sign up is very limited - and the webpage is hard to get to come up. We'll keep trying.