Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Titusville - Last day - That's all folks, until January

Our neighbor has green lights!

 I had to walk for 1/2 hour this morning to the Enterprise place to pick up our car, they don't pick you up during the pandemic. The waiting area is outside, you never go inside the building. I handed my credit card to the person standing by the front door and he went inside to process my reservation and I had my car a few minutes later. 

I partially loaded the car but the final packing will be Wednesday morning. I pulled all the lines over to one side so Fleetwing is not even touching the pilings. We ought to be safe for the next month or so. We then visited the nearest Publix which was practically empty and everyone was wearing a mask, not the usual situation here in Florida. 

We hope to get off by 9:00 am on Wednesday and then it's a beeline for New York. I'm not sure when I'll restart the blog, we may stay longer than usual in New York, or not. We'll see how the virus develops over the next few months - what a different year this has been! 


Bob Norton, Jr. said...

Thank you for your time this fall - please keep your followers posted. All my best to you, Ann and Hoolie for a safe and healthy holiday season. Looking forward to re-starting in January.

Unknown said...

Bob,safe journey to N Y