Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Windmill Harbour in Hilton Head, SC - in front of their clubhouse

Hidden Harbour is a gated community behind its own lock
The genset was still not fixed by 1:00 so we decided to leave anyway. There were seals on order that the supplier left out so Hinckley had to reorder that parts. They were supposed to come Tuesday, then Wednesday but both days came and went without the last of the parts. At least the heat exchanger was cleaned and reinstalled. It was definitely the problem, it was completely clogged but now it's clean as a whistle. All that remains is to replace some of the seals and fill it with antifreeze. That's going to be a job for someone else, not Hinckley. They will send the parts to a marina I will be at in a week or so and I'll have someone bring the genset back to life.

The South Carolina Yacht Club is a beautiful facility, best to be enjoyed inside but it's only take out for the present
It was an easy trip to Hidden Harbour, only 21 NM and a good staging area for reaching Beaufort, SC. We have a facedock here directly in front of the South Carolina Yacht Club, a beautiful facility which, unfortunately, is not open due to the virus. They do offer take out but it's not the same. Ann made turkey burgers for dinner and they were delicious.

Here we are, right in front of the Yacht Club
From here we plan on anchoring out at Steamboat Creek and then a long stretch to Awendaw Creek for another anchorage, sure wish we had the genet - oh well. We should wind up in Georgetown, SC on Sunday night.


Ted A said...

Welcome back Ann, Bob and Hoolie. Strange times these days with Corona virus. Great to see sv Fleetwing and crew. Be safe. Until next time, Ted.

SV Fancy Free said...

Hi Ann and Bob-
We’re anchored in Georgetown waiting for a weather window tomorrow and Saturday to do a 24 hour ocean run to Beaufort, NC. So we’ll just miss seeing you. Many thanks for your amazing tracks which made our trip from Savannah to Georgetown safe and smooth. Hope your travels are safe and that we might get a chance to catch up at some point.
Laura and Gail

Unknown said...

we're just reading joe biden's comments about south carolina