Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Hobe Sound - at anchor

             Our favorite Hobe Sound anchorage 

We had a short day today, going only 20 miles to our favorite Hobe Sound anchorage. We were surprised that there were three other boats here with us. I guess it’s becoming more unfortunately, my laptop decided not to connect to my iPhone so I’m doing the blog on my iPad Pro, not the device of choice for doing blogs so the blog tonight is a little thin.

We are headed to Vero Beach on Wednesday and hopefully to pick up a new battery for our Genset. The old one died. 


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Hobe Sound and Peck Lake are usually nice quiet places (aside from the expected craziness on the weekend, but you're almost north of that 'area' of Florida). Enjoy Velcro Beach - guess we'll expect to see you on Thursday afternoon (Titusville) on the Space Coast. There was a launch scheduled for Thursday, but that has been bumped about a week.