Saturday, May 16, 2020

Hinckley Marina in Savannah - on a dock

The ICW is just off our starboard side, lots of traffic but they all showdown nicely for the bridge and us
We are awaiting parts which arrive early next week for the genset. Meanwhjile, we're enjoying the fabulous weather and it appears that the tropical storm will go out to sea, at least as it passes Georgia by. The track may take it over the outer banks of North Carolina but that's far away from us.

Love these Hinckley picnic boats, the 40 ft model goes for $1.4 million 
I spent the day putting my tracks into a table for publication on the web so boaters can access the tracks and know what to expect for depths in the shallow areas of the ICW. The depths are always changing due to the movement of sand and mud from the constant currents of the channels. Knowing that, it's always handy to have the most current information when passing through known shoaling areas, that's what my table shows along with what track to follow.

So we are content to wait out the storm and the arrival of parts for the genset at a very comfortable marina with not much traffic on the weekend since it's a service yard mostly, not just a marina, and they don't work on the weekends. On Sunday, we have two Zoom meetings; one with our kids up north and another one with friends back in Poughkeepsie, Leathem and Ann. It's nice to be able to see faces on Zoom instead of just voices, it's a great app that works on Apple, Android, and PC products.