Friday, May 15, 2020

Kilkenny Marina - at a dock

I'm still fascinated by the live oaks, huge trees with long horizontal limbs
(I had no internet last night at Kilkenny, here's yesterday's  blog)
We went through Jekyll with a 2.5 ft tide and we needed it. When I transited Jekyll last fall, I saw 6.7 MLLW but this time I only saw 4.5 MLLW. It has obviously shoaled in some. Be sure to sue some tide if you go through yourself.

Next on the list of the day's adventures was a passage through Mud River. I expected about 4.5 MLLW but saw 7 MLLW, a pleasant surprise but to get that depth one had to carefully follow SonarChart and the USACE survey in Aqua Map. There were plenty of spots off that track in the 4 to 5 MLLW range. I'll upload the track as soon as I get an internet connection again. We are at Kilkenny Marina tonight and there's no Verizon connection here.

The marina is more of a camp than a marina but it suits us fine
Kilkenny Marina is not for everyone. It's not really a marina, just a small boat facility with camp-style bathrooms and showers, not to be confused with a regular marina. However, we like it for a convenient stopover location. It's located in an old plantation area with huge live oaks, some of the biggest trees I've ever seen.

I have an appointment with Hinckley Marine in Savannah to work on the genset. Hopefully, all that is needed is to clean the heat exchanger, it could be the problem if it's plugged up with crud. Aside from that, we're concerned about the developing storm off the east coast that could develop into a tropical storm or even a hurricane. It's not projected to make land but nothing is certain when it comes to storms. We will be getting up at the crack of down to reach Hinckley by 10:00 so he had enough time to work on the genset before the weekend. We hope for the best.