Friday, May 8, 2020

Titusville - at a facedock

A common sight along the ICW
Once the strong north winds subsided late Thursday, it was a nice day to go north on Friday. What wind there were came out of the south so it was easy motoring towards home. Titusville has one facedock they are using for transients. It's B dock with the cement face which suits us fine since it's an easy in and out. We put out our 17 inch ball fenders and we're safe from the occasional wake from the ICW.  You pay for your slip at the main office but only through a window, you can't go in the store.

It's against a concrete bulkhead but it's secure and fine with our 17-inch ball fenders
There is a front coming through on Sunday with lots of rain forecasted so we decided to hole up in Daytona at Halifax Marina which started accepting transients only just today. We will be there two days waiting for good weather once again which is predicted for the week after Sunday. The father north we go on the ICW, the less attention we're seeing to wearing facemasks. There are still many that do, just not everyone.

Hoolie is happy to get to land his usual three times a day and I'm happy not to have to take a dinghy ride to shore.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Welcome back to the Space Coast.