Monday, May 11, 2020

St Augustine - at a dock

A red and a green buoy close together, which one to honor?
We continued our trek north today to wind up at St Augustine. Ft Matanzas is no longer a threat after the dredging last fall but it still presented problems to solve. We saw this photo above as we approached the northern exit of the Ft Matanzas passage, two buoys close together, one green and one red. How would you pass the buoys? To port or to starboard? One of the two is obviously off station but which one? If you have Aqua Map Master, it's an easy decision. Looking at the latest USACE survey, it's the red buoy that has drifted east and so should be ignored. Pass the couple off your starboard side when headed north. It's one more reason to have Aqua Map Master on board as a ready reference.

Boats coming in all sizes and shapes, he was enjoying the view and ride
We arrived in St Augustine around 3:00 and the marina is fully open for dockage, fuel, and pump out. We took advantage of all three services and added the refilling of our water tanks too. We are ready for an extended trip north now. We may want fresh veggies along with milk and eggs perhaps but we're secure in all other items until we reach Stingray Point Boat Works in Deltaville, Virginia.

They were having a territorial dispute and the little guy was winning!
The weather has turned outstanding for moving north and we'll be moving daily from here on out. Time to get home.