Saturday, May 9, 2020

lHalifax Harbor Marina in Daytona -at a dock

Halifax Harbor Marina is a huge marina! This is only one fairway, there are many more
Normally we would anchor at Bethune Park on our way north through Daytona but since rain was predicted all day Sunday starting in the morning, we decided we would rather spend the time in a marina and Halifax Harbor Marina was the closest one that was open. They had just reopend for business yesterday so we were one of their first guests.

Bethune Park finally has the dinghy docks replaced that were damaged by Hurricane Matthew
We were met by two dockhands on the way in and I noticed a more relaxed attention to virus protection. I walking Hoolie twice so far today, I didn't see a single person wearing a facemask.  I wore mine so I guess I stood out. When passing Bethune Park, I saw that the dinghy dock has finally been fixed, after three years! There's always lots of room to anchor there and it wouldn't have been bad today but in the predicted rain, I would rather be in a marina when getting Hoolie ashore. 

I've got to replace the impeller on the genset and fix a bad connection preventing it to start. Normally, replacing an impeller is easy except for on this particular genset.  All sane raw water pumps have a fluted shaft that mates to an impeller when slipping on. For my version, the shaft has a slot where a loose key goes - which has a propensity to dislodge itself and fall into the guts of the genset whenever you try to slide on a new impeller. Such is the fun in replacing impellers. lI guess Kohler saved a few cents with such a design.

We will sit out the rain and wind here in our marina on Sunday and then venture out again on Monday for St Augustine at a dock. Onward north we go.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

I've never been in that marina ... do they 'own' both the north and south basin? Do they put transients in both?

Bob423 said...

They appear to just own the northern basin. It’s a nice marina but no WiFi.

Changes in L'Attitudes said...

No WiFi is a drawback for sure. One 'positive' out of the pandemic is that Verizon has really upped the amount of data you can stream through your hot spots (phone or the puck we have on the boat) before throttling.