Sunday, May 3, 2020

Ft Lauderdale - refuel and a dock at Bahia Mar Yachting Center

I counted as they went by - a total of 0 on board
After a peaceful night at Marine Stadium, we headed north to Ft Lauderdale. With a 10 kt wind out of the east, the way north was very calm. Once we entered Ft Lauderdale, we saw crowds! Boats were everywhere! However, the sandbar beside the ICW after the 55 ft bridge was empty. That's usually full of weekend boaters wading and partying in the shallow water - but not today. There were multiple patrol boats with active blue lights flashing that seemed to keep the order amid the chaos.

Every single one of these were rented today - they were all out
We took on fuel at Lauderdale Marina which was easy enough, even with the boat traffic. The boat handlers had masks on and I had on a mask and gloves, something I'll be doing all the way north. We did see a dive boat go by but they total people on board including the captain was 10, the guideline limit. We saw the same limit being observed by charter captains in Marine Stadium. I guess they are finding a way to exist.

In the morning, we'll head out for Rivera Marina for the night. I need a new genset battery and I'm a little leary of anchoring when I need shore access with Hoolie. Once north of there, I see no problem anchoring out in Hobe Sound where shore access is to the deserted beach on the west side of the sound. I also changed some settings on Spot so hopefully, it will start to work more reliability in the future. I have a new link to Spot which gives my hourly location as I move north. Fleetwing can be found at Fleetwing 24 hour track.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

A peaceful evening (Saturday) in Marine Stadium - now that I find unusual - is great to hear.

D's Patio said...

I wish I had known you all were here at Bahia last night. I would have loved to say hi from a distance and thank you in person for everything. Hopefully I run into you again some day in the future when I can actually buy you and Ann a drink and thank you properly for all of your help in our first trip on the ICW last year and our hopeful trip on it in a month! Safe travels.

Bob423 said...

D's Patio, sorry we missed, we are doing a Cannonball Run north, few stops. Let’s meet minus the virus!