Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hinckley at Savannah - Genset parts on Wednesday

One more wine visit kby Ann Mullett
The plan now is for the genset parts to arrive Wednesday morning and for us to leave Wednesday afternoon. If the parts do not arrive on time, we told Hinckley to just put the parts that they have ina bucket and we'll take them with us. The rest of the parts, whenever they arrive, can be sent to our home in New York. We'll have them installed later, we've spent enough time in Savannah.

Looks like a nice sturdy piling to tie off to in a storm
Ann Mullett came over once again for wine at 5:30. She had the surveyor over this afternoon and the big decision is whether to total the boat or get it fixed. Ann is much in favor of getting it returned to seaworthy condition not totaled. The decision is still up in the air on that score.

Here's the same piling at low tide - Oops!
Meanwhile, we're due to get the last of the parts for the genset Wednesday morning and we hope to push off north in the afternoon for Windmill Harbour. You also might want to rethink tieing off a sturdy looking piling if you don't know the condition of what lies under the water. See the two examples of a piling nearby here.


jack cothren said...

good luck with the genset ... weather looks wet today ...see ya on down the road jack and kay