Sunday, May 10, 2020

Halifax Harbor Marina - a genset day, unsuccessfully so

You can tell I'm fond of fenders when coming into a dock
It was a lost day.  I had great plans but the genset had other ideas. We had ran it after several tried at Vero Beach but noticed the substandard cooling and intermittent starting. I bought a new starter battery there but it did not improve the situation. After some trial and error, I noticed a bad connection to the main input to the genset. Still, it was running too hot with poor water output.

We had a layover day here so I tackled the genset around 10:00. I topped off the antifreeze in hopes that would help with the overheading and I found a corroded cable to the genset starter that needed attention. I replaced the impeller but the pump refused to draw water out of the strainer. I fed water directly to the strainer to eliminate the supply water from the seacock as a problem. it still didn't draw water. On Monday I plan on connecting the output of the raw water pump to a bucket at the same height as the highest part of the genset so see if that setup draws water out of the strainer. Maybe the pump is just weak. The last test should eliminate any blockage in the genset engine as the culprit.

I did a bunch of other stuff but finally called it quits around 4:45: One wonders where the time went! I plan on ordering a new raw water pump on Monday morning and just pull the old one and replace it. I'd like to get it working for the cold mornings going north.