Friday, May 15, 2020

Hinckley in Savannah - at a dock

The Hinckley yard is full of boats like this, very beautiful, good lines.
In contrast to last night, at Hinckley in Savannah, I have a 40 Mbps WiFi speed. I could not locate a signal at all in Kilkenny. Like many other marinas, Hinkley contracted with OnSpotWiFi to provide internet service. I have always found them to be spotless in getting a connection. I've found no other internet installation to be anywhere nearly as good.

Nice docks
I docked at Hinckley to get the genset worked on. I had tried several things that didn't work in trying to get the raw water pump to draw water. Feeding water directly into the strainer and attaching a hose to the outlet of the pump, it spewed forth water just fine. That left the only possibility to be a blockage of some kind downstream of the pump. A plugged heat exchanger came to mind but that was something I didn't want to tackle.

The mechanic came aboard, wearing a face mask as did all the Hinckley mechanics and proceeded to take apart the area around the heat exchanger. He had a fiberoptic probe that he used to look inside the head exchanger before he did a removable - to be sure it was, in fact, the problem before accumulating labor hours. I looked at the probe screen and sure enough, the heat exchanger tubes were completely blocked. There was no way any coolant was going to get through that!

With confirmation by the probe, he removed the heat exchanger for cleaning. Of course, that disturbed all the seals so they had to be ordered in order to reassemble the heat exchanger unit. That will result in ordering parts which probably will not arrive until Tuesday. With that, we have several layover days.

The marina just installed new heads, showers, and a laundry room but they are all locked out due to the virus exposure.  However, they do have new docks and on the dock pumpouts valves, very nice to have. I'll use the layover to catch up on updating alerts and tracks. We just use Publix's home delivery service which was free for the first two weeks, that's enough to get us home as we continue our 'no contact" regime.   


jack cothren said...

hey guys ... after seeing you approaching savannah at 9 ish this morning i figured you were blowing by savannah and now i'm seeing you in thunderbolt and till tuesday. tomorrow i'll search for your number and contact you. gonna be a little hot this weekend in these parts but we'll talk ... we do have the garden apt if ya need a respite.

Bob and Sharon Johnson, "Guinness" said...

Hello, folks, we've commuted from Maine to Florida and back in our catamaran and then our trawler over the last ten years or so, and have enjoyed reading your posts.

One of the highlights of one of our trips was a stop at Thunderbolt and an unplanned visit to the Bonaventure Cemetery, an easy stroll from the docks. Not sure that it would be open for tours these days, but if it is and if Shannon Scott is still doing narrated tours, it is well worth the money and the time. He knows, and loves, the history of Savannah down to his toes, and he is a great actor, narrating a flamboyant and thoughtful story.

We don't generally do the "tourist tours" - but took a chance and it was great.

Safe and happy travels
Sharon and Bob Johnson

Bob423 said...

Sharon and Bob, sounds like a good suggestion but for a time without the virus about. We have taken social distancing to heart and don't plan to get off the boat until we put it up on the hard in Deltaville.

Bob and Sharon Johnson, "Guinness" said...

We get it, Bob! We are doing the same back at home here in Maine. I thought that perhaps since it's an entirely outdoor tour it might still be operating (as well as safe) - but it won't hurt to leave it for another time, sometime.

Bet you're 100% focused on getting to Deltaville; hope that Tropical Depression One becomes Tropical Depression None and that you have smooth weather and winds the rest of the way...sounds, rivers, bays and all.