Saturday, May 2, 2020

Marine Stadium - At anchor on a Saturday

We had to get an early start to catch the high tide coming out of Caesars Creek
We had a great trip north yesterday to Caesars Creek and the anchorage there by the ranger station. However, What we did not expect was the noseeums after dark. They were terrible. We have one of those electronic zappers shaped like a tennis racket that you can wave around and it will electrocute any buys it touches, including noseeums. That night we decided to get it out and were delighted to see what appeared to be a fireworks display inside the boat cabin as the zapper was swept from side to side. We stopped counting after a couple dozen flashes.

In the morning, we were greeted with a spectacular sunrise. Ann took a photo as we sped north towards Miami. The anchorage had more boats in it than I've ever seen and that was only the beginning! The boat count almost doubled by the afternoon. I took the 360 degree view before most of the additional boats came in.

We noticed lots of boats that came over to enjoy the great weather. The one next to us was obviously a charter boat. The captain stayed up in the cockpit the entire time and the number of people on the boat numbered 10, including the captain - within the guidelines. They had a great time swimming and dancing but they left at 6:30.
A charter boat with the maximum of 10 people

On Sunday, we are headed to Ft Lauderdale. We need fuel and I need a new battery for the genset. At last we'll be on the ICW for the rest of the trip north.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Glad that you're back safely 'in shore' and sorry you have the usual 'Florida boater' weekend experience found in the Miami to St Lucie region. You're Spot and AIS tracking went dark yesterday (`1PM, half way to Adam's Key) and didn't show up at all today while underway until you were safely in Stadium this afternoon.