Monday, May 18, 2020

Hinckley Savannah - Wine with Ann

The two Anns having a relaxing wine party
We had Ann Mullett over again for wine this evening. It was her boat, Meherio, that hit the bridge yesterday. She needed company and we were glad to see a fellow boater along the ICW. She single-hands her boat to the Bahamas and back and routinely does overnighters. That's more than the two of us want to tackle, all the more power to her!

She had talked to the bridge tender but he was very hard to understand and she received no warning that only one leaf was up. She approached from the south and saw both leafs open but then did not see that only one leaf on the northern side was up. She ran right into the down leaf. It has to be one of the most trying experiences you can have on a sailboat, to have the mast come down.

After five hours of washing the top deck, getting rid of the ICW mustache, doing a pump out,
taking on water, storing excess gear, with Ann cleaning the cabin - we are now ready to go. 
She's tied up on Hinckley of Savannah for now and awaiting the insurance estimate of whether to fix the boat or total it. It was good to chat with her for about an hour this evening. As for us, we are still waiting for parts that are supposed to arrive Tuesday and hopefully have the genset repaired then for a Wednesday departure. You can rest assured that we will pay close attention to that bridge!!


SV Puffin said...

We hope you get the Genset parts tomorrow and continue a peaceful journey North.
Question: ON May 9th (I think) when you passed Rockhouse Creek, did you notice if it was very crowded? We are thinking about heading up there this weekend.

Bob423 said...

Pat, I saw three boats anchored there when we passed by.