Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Jacksonville Free Docks on Sisters Creek - at a dock

It's a full house at the Jacksonville free docks off Sisters Creek
We just had a short run today. Terri was good enough to receive my new raw water pump and brought it to our dock. That entailed a three hour installation routine but when I turn the genset on, it still did not pump water. The last time I fed water directly into the strainer to eliminate the seacock intake as a possible cause but it still did not pump water. The water in the strainer just sat there, unmoved.

We are secure, second from the end. We will back out tomorrow. 
That's enough for me, no more working on the genset cooling system. I'll let a professional try their hand at it but not until we reach Stingray Point Boatworks in Deltaville, Virginia. They can have all summer to try and fix it. I guess there is some blockage downstream from the pump but that's beyond me.

Meanwhile, we're at the Jacksonville free dock off Sisters Creek and the dock is full! We have six boats here. One more could fit on the inside at the end but that space was not taken. The repairs on the dock walkway to shore are done so there's easy access to shore once again.  We arrived at 1:00 and was the second boat here.

We are headed for the Jekyll anchorage Wednesday night and then it's on to the Crescent River anchorage. We are making good time northward and taking advantage of the good weather so far.


jack cothren said...

i checked your end point thru spot today and zooming in (google map) there you were exactly on the bow and the only boat on the dock ... of course it wasn't you but it was strange ... if you need anything in georgia give me a call ... we will not be going in as maine has a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all entries to the state and its planned thru august, so that doesnt work with putting a boat i and all ... good luck jack and kay