Thursday, May 7, 2020

Vero Beach - on a mooring, genset working

I am fascinated by Live Oaks. I never see trees up north with such horizontal branches
We ordered again from Winn Dixie's home delivery service. We were lying in bed and scrolled through the list of Winn Dixie's stock at their nearest store and picking out what we wanted delivered.  They have their entire inventory online so it was easy. As usual, the shopper that picked up our order texted us on items that didn't exactly match what we requested as she walked through the store. We got the order delivered to the dinghy dock here at Vero Beach and our provisioning was done for the week, easy!

Their branches just see to wander all over the place
While that was going on, threw in a wash too so we're all set for the rest of the trip north! I would say that about 1 in 5 of the people here wear masks. We wore ours but not everyone wore theirs. In the laundry room, most wore masks but not everyone. I think the people in Key West were more tuned in to having to wear masks, not so much farther north.

Today was out layover day due to high winds out of the north that blew all day long. They are supposed to die off tonight for a good day on Friday for reaching Titusville. In the meantime, I worked on getting our genset working again. I found a corroded connection that needed attention and the genset got too hot when running so I'm guessing it requires an impeller replacement, always a fun job. I'll save that entertainment for a later date. We're looking forward to a cool night for sleeping on fresh sheets, a big change. We plan on leaving at first light on Friday.