Friday, January 17, 2020

High winds in Miami - a layover day

We're snug up for a northeast wind. Hoolie's relief is by the Waterway Guide anchor symbol.
We finally didn't have a travel day! But it was pretty boring. There was really nothing to do, other than play on my tablet, do school work, and read. I did my school work pretty fast, I had limited screen time, and I already read all my books a thousand times and counting. Even if there was something I hadn't read, I wasn't that into it. It was very rainy today, so I couldn't go swimming. That was all today. 

Well, I guess you can't please a 9-year-old all the time. The topic of interest to the crew is weather. We need two good days to reach Marathon and then another good day to reach Key West. It appears that the first opportunity will be Monday to head south although Sunday is an outside possibility. If all goes according to plan, we'll spend Monday night at the Pilot House Marina and try for the next weather window.

Meanwhile, we're running the genset twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. That keeps the batteries and hot water in order and we sure do need both, especially with a 9 year old aboard for all his electronics. Hoolie has gotten into a routine where we take him to the "rocks" for his outings. It's in a cove next to land and with the wind out of the northeast, it's completely calm for a landing there.


Fred Brillo said...


If your Grandson gets a bad case of cabin fever, the Miami Seaquarium is right there next to where you are anchored. Its not as modern as Sea World, as its been around since the 1950s..I first went there when I was younger than him... but he would enjoy it. Not sure what you would do with your dinghy though.. Its been years since Ive been down there and Im not sure that there is a safe place to leave it.

Bob423 said...

We would love to take him but there’s nowhere to leave a dinghy. There’s a cove right by the aquarium but it has no trespassing signs everywhere on the docks. A shame,

Fred Brillo said...

I was could go eastward across Bear Cut and the Key Biscayne Marina is there. You can lock and leave the dinghy there safely and walk over to Seaquarium.

Its a bit of a long choppy dinghy ride though..

Changes in L'Attitudes said...

As we used to say in the NAVY ... time to lean, time to clean. :) I bet it's tough for him on his first cruise. Just have to have him come across the right 'connection' with the things that interest him in his life and things that are on the boat. I know with my nephews, the chartplotter (or in your guys case Aqua Map) might hold his interest for a while.