Thursday, January 23, 2020

Blue Water Marina in Tavernier - Computer Meltdown

There was no blog last night due to my laptop losing the WiFi adapter, it’s no longer functional. I thought I would just use my iPad but then I discovered that it would not recognize a USB drive with photos, that’s the first and only time that’s ever happened. So I had no photos to share and no internet if I used the laptop. 

On to a backup plan this morning. I took this photo with my laptop so I didn’t have to use a USB drive to post the photo. We took our usual walk this morning with the temperature about 58. Tavernier is still recovering from 20 to 30 kts of north wind bringing down cold, northern air! I had on a sweatshirt and a wind breaker as did Ann. Rowan went outside dressed as you see him in the photo. The kid seems immune to cold weather. He claims he wasn’t cold at all. 

I’ll spend the day finding a solution to writing my blog. I’ll probably resort to using my iPhone for photo taking duties since I can transfer the photos via WiFi to my iPad or use the WiFi transfer function of my Canon camera. I need a new laptop, the old one is at least 8 years old.