Sunday, January 12, 2020

Vero Beach - We raft up

Step One, make a model of the infamous Alligator River Swing Bridge
WE FINALLY GOT TO MOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got up early in the morning, took Hoolie out(Hoolie fell into the water when trying to get on the dock, so we had to fish him out with his leash.), and we took off! So long (Kennedy space center :(.), Titusville :)! After that, we had DONUTS for breakfast. After 9 FRIKIN' HOURS, we got to moring #3, Vero Beach. When we finally docked, we got Hoolie and ourselves on the dingy and headed for dry land. Hoolie was going really fast, just like yesterday. That was all that happened today.

Step 2: show the bridge opening for boaters! Oh, if only it was so easy..
Messieurs Style and Grace were not with us this morning when we left the dock. I had all lines doubled and I missed one when we tried to back out. Rule number one when leaving a dock - count all the lines attached to shore, remember to unattach them before moving! Fleetwing came to a sudden halt! After removing the offending line, we proceeded to back out and to go south.

Our kind neighbors for the night, Foolish Heart
It was a long day, especially for a kid. Nine hours can seem like an eternity to a 9-year-old. Nevertheless, we made it to Vero by 5:00 pm and asked for a mooring. The only option was to double up on a mooring which we did as directed by the office. Luckily, the couple on the boat we tied to were welcoming.

I uploaded my first track of this trip this afternoon so it's available for download now. I will repeat for each day as I head south. On Monday we are headed for the Hobe Sound anchorage by R38, one of our favorites. It's never crowded and there's a sandy beach nearby for Hoolie.


SV Puffin said...

Glad you made it to Vero. Say Hello to Kevin and Dorothy on Foolish Heart. We just met them when we were in New Smyrna last month. Small world.

Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Great job on the model ... we were up in the Outer Banks last week. On our drive to Raleigh Durham Airport we waited as this barge went through.