Thursday, January 30, 2020

Key West - Another school day and my new laptop arrives

Island Time at Schooner Wharf

Today wasn’t COMPLETELY normal. We went to the grocery store, did some school, that was pretty much all. Right now we’re chilling in a good amount of humidity. Grandpa got a new computer today. Something was wrong with the old 1. We saw a bunch of chickens when we were walking down the street in the morning. Even a few little chicks. We were very productive in school today. Ended around 12 PM. There was nothing more, nothing less today, so that was all. Bye

One of the very few grocery stores in Key West - fine if you want steak for $36/lb
It was another school day for Ann. They had a routine by now of getting up at 6:30, going out for a walk, doing schoolwork until around 1:00 pm and resting in the afternoon in Key West weather. I discovered that Barry Cuda is back! He will be playing at BO’s Fishwagon this Saturday and we will drop by to say hi. One’s one of the entertainers we love to listen to. He plays nothing after 1960 and that’s fine with us. 

Tonight we went by Schooner Wharf to listen to Island Time who plays steel drums. I like to just listen. There are many other bands too but I like them less except for the Jazz bands at the Green Parrot which are nice too. On Friday, we headed to the lighthouse as part of Rowan’s lesson in history and we’ll take the free bus to get there (it’s still running!) We haven’t really explored Key West yet since Ann’s been working with Rowan most of the time. We’ll explore when everyone returns north.