Sunday, January 5, 2020

Our Kennedy Space Center Adventure Starts Monday

Hello, my name is Rowan (editor's notehe’s the one at far right)  and for the next month and a half, I will be on a voyage from Titusville to key west. Tomorrow, my grandfather and I will take a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. We will have lunch with an astronaut, ride in a flight simulator, and lastly, see SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket blast off to the stars! Nothing really happened today. We did take our dog, Hoolie, to a dog park close to the marina. I remember when another dog tried to knock me over. I can't remember that dog's name, but I think it started with an R. My grandpa got a new TV for the boat today. We spent hours (editor's note: 15 minutes...) at a local Walmart trying to find the right one. I think we ended up buying a 32 in. VIZIO TV. That was all that really happened today. I am looking forward to tomorrow and the journey ahead of us. This will be a great trip, I know it!

And so our adventure begins with our 9 year old grandson, soon to be 10 in a couple of weeks. Monday is the first of two days at the Kennedy Space Center. On Monday we will have lunch with an Astronaut, tour the Saturn V rocket, suspended overhead - quite a sight and wind up with a SpaceX launch at 9:15 pm at the nearest viewing area there. We will take lots of photos and share here.

On our way down, we ate at a local treasure, the Lonestar Restaurant in Santee, South Carolina. If you’re ever in the area, you have to go. For $7.99, you get a selection of one meat and three sides with dessert and ice tea, The place has been there forever. The owner is in the picture at the top of the post. 


harry043 said...

This is Harry in Key West, I have been so worried about you Bob & Ann, did not see you last year and not yet again this year. Hope you are both fine!!!

Bob423 said...

All is fine after my new pacemaker. We’ll be in Key West 1:28 through 3/28 at E14 in the night.

harry043 said...

Glad to hear this!!! Paula & I are here now, got here 12/1, will probably be here for a while, May anyway, then we will hit the road!