Friday, January 10, 2020

As part of the ride, you get to hold an alligator!
Today we got to go on an airboat ride! We saw MANY more alligators! 30, to be exact. It was like a zoo in the gift shop. There were parrots and snakes and even(wait for it...) a pig! There was actually a pig laying under a rack of T-shirts, taking a nap. At the end of the ride, I got to hold and have my picture taken with an alligator! holding him was like putting on a pair of leather gloves. He was also heavier than I expected.

We went through a cypress forest, very calm and beautiful
We took Matthew, our first grandson, on an airboat ride when he was about the same age as Rowan -  but he remembers nothing of the ride! How could you forget such an experience? So we keep asking Rowan if he remembers the ride or not, so far, so good.

This is alligator country and we saw plenty of them, they were everywhere. We went to Midway Airboat Rides for the event, the best one in the area. It lasts about an hour and you're sure to see alligators - you couldn't avoid them! Also on the agenda are lots of birds and today we even saw an eagle.

Oh yet, did I mention we saw lots of alligators, up close in the wild
Once back at the main building, the pilot of the airboat took a small alligator out of a pen and we all had a chance to hold him, including Rowan. The young ones at least are soft and very heavy. It had a rubber band over its snout so he could not open his jaws. It's a fun trip, everyone should go if they are in the area.

We have one more day at Titusville before heading south to Vero Beach on Sunday. We are looking forward to being a boat again instead of a condo.