Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Blue Waters Marina in Tavernier - Provisioning and Rowan's Birthday

We are in the tropics!
Today we did a wash and went to a Winn Dixie supermarket. Today there was nothing to do. But, again, I wasn't bored out of my mind. I had s'more (Get it? Smore?) schoolwork todo today. It was kinda cold out today. 57 Degrees. Up north that might be good, but I've got used to 80 and up weather. I think we all thought it was cold out. Today was also my birthday,.

Mother Nature will not be denied!
Rowan seemed to enjoy his 10th birthday. He got a snap-together electronic set so the first thing he made was a noisemaker, of course. He still has school work to do every day since Ann is homeschooling him. After dinner, we had a birthday party and Rowan successfully blew out all the candles. There is school work for him every day now.

We took up the offer of a ride to the nearest supermarket from the owner and restocked for the trip to Key West. We are now all set for the duration. The weather continues to be cool with winds of 20 to 30 kts, not good weather for moving south so we will stay put until things calm down. We are still looking at Sunday for moving on to Marathon and to Key West the next day.