Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Key West - A day of rest

Flat Rowan
First full day in Key West! You expect that since we’re in Key West, there would be SO0oO0oO0 many things to do, but it was just a normal day, nothing special. We saw a few fish in the water, looked like they were eating something that was growing on the hull of a sailboat. At the dingy dock, there were two HUGE fish swimming around. Man, someone would love to find that on a fishing hook. It was a Tuesday, so we had some school todo. That was all today. No, really, I’m serious. Bye

We found this escapee from the frozen north sitting in bush enjoying the warm weather
Nothing to do suited us just fine except it was a work day for Ann in the home schooling department. Ann is trying to finish up his school work so he can enjoy the time with his parents without worrying about homework. Rowan reinstituted “flat Rowan” again. It’s popular in schools where the students can send drawings of themselves to far away places and the person there can take a picture with the “flat student” in the foreground against a famous or at least identifiable place. The photo is then sent back to the classroom for discussion.

The dinghy dock is just as crowded as ever
The weather continues to be ideal with highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s at night. We are settled in for the next two months and looking forward to enjoying what we missed so much last year.


wjs said...

So, no earthquakes there today? Miami was all shook up.

Bob423 said...

You were in Miami? We felt nothing.