Friday, January 24, 2020

Tavernier - We scout the entrance - at a dock

The way in and out is very narrow, but doable in our Beneteau 423

Again, a normal day. Nana and I did some schoolwork. For science class we watched a movie called packing for mars. It was about, well, packing for mars. It talked about how we will get there( Using NASA’s SLS rocket.), how we will live there, and some new systems to help us get there, like a spacesuit developed by the European space agency that can simulate different gravities. Another cool thing, also developed by the people at ESA, is a motion activated rover. Kinda like using the force. That was really all today.

The time spent yesterday paid off in a clean boat!
The warm weather has returned with temps in the 70’s and lows of only in the 60s. I’m all four that! Rowan and I took the dinghy out to the entrance of the channel into Blue Waters Marina to find the deepest path in. The result was to favor the red side of the channel by about 10 feet off the centerline for about 5.3 MLLW. The green side of the channel has about 0.5 to 0.8 ft less water. We got stuck there the last time we left Tavernier a couple of years ago. We sat and waited for high tide. This time I wanted the best path out in advance! 

Not too bad to look at while sipping wine

The weather still looks good for a Sunday run to Marathon followed by either Monday or Tuesday to Key West. The weather apps don’t agree on Monday. Some say it’s a good day to go west and some say it’s not and that Tuesday is the day to go. Our experience has been that as we get closer to the decision date, the apps will converge.