Saturday, January 11, 2020

OLOH visits and we get ready to leave for Vero

OLOH came by to say hi today
Today we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast! We also took Hoolie to the dog park. He was going very fast on the way over. Like he was eager to use the bathroom or REALLY wanted to move around. I think I also taught him to sit. Well, nothing really happened today other than those 2. Tomorrow we set sail from the Titusville marina on our journey to Key West. And tomorrow is donut Sunday, which is the perfect time to get out of the marina. I also learned on the Minecraft wiki the command to get a command block (AKA: infinite power.). The command is /give @p command block. So if you're playing on pocket edition, that's the key to infinite resources (or, mass destruction and terror to everyone in your world).

We say good night to Titusville, we leave tomorrow
We did a bunch of stuff to get ready to move south on our last day in Titusville. We had a pump-out, filled the water tanks, loaded up on ice, did a laundry - we are ready! Our first stop will be Vero Beach where we'll take a mooring we hope. We will have to raft since there are no free moorings, hopefully, someone will take us in. It's just an overnight stay until we leave Monday morning for our Hobe Sound anchorage by R38. If all goes well, we will anchor at Lantana and then pick up a mooring at Ft Lauderdale and wait for good weather to reach the Marine Stadium anchorage in Miami, at least that's the plan. It's supposed to be open to anchoring until 2/5/2020 this year.

 Rowan will restart his school work and spare everyone in the world from mass destruction and terrot!


Irish Rover said...

Sittin' at BOs waiting for you. Bill 'n Ruth

SV Puffin said...

We were planning to be in Titusville on Saturday to wish you all a safe journey. But Mom was in the hospital so we stayed in Orlando.
Safe travels to you all. Rowan is doing a great job on the blog!!
Pat and Kathy S/V Puffin