Monday, January 27, 2020

Key West - we are docked for the next two months!

Well, it’s a tourist photo but it’s appropriate
WE GOT TO KEY WEST!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! We just got done with a talk with the Johnsons, some friends of Nana and Grandpa. Well, it’s a good thing Key West sprays for bugs, because from the elbow up, my left arm is TORN UP. It was a Monday, so on the way here, we did a good 3 or 4 hours of school. I also helped docked Fleetwing. All I did was just throw a rope over a pole and pull on it, I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete. Then we took Hoolie out to do his biz (Hoolie couldn’t get on the dock, so Grandpa had to lift him up.). Something that was interesting, was that when we were coming in, we saw a NAVAL ship at the cruise ship dock. It was kinda grey, and had no curves on the panels. I think It having no curves has something to do with radar and stealth technology and whatevs. The particular shape looked like a WW1 German A7V landship. Kinda odd for it to be here. Grandpa says it is a landing craft. That was all today. Bye!

There were three of these monsters in port today
The say turned out just as predicted, very little wind and flat seas. We were happy to get that and we made it in to Key West by 2:00 pm. It feels so good to be back in Key West after missing all of last year! The marina is turning into more of a live aboard than a transient place. There are only two transient docks left, everybody else is long term. 

This is actually a photo of this morning’s sunrise at Marathon, nice
We had Gordon and Eta over for dinner along with Cuban Sandwiches from the Cuban Coffee Queen, which can’t be beat! They are very filling and taste great. I think I will sleep well tonight. We plan on starting our morning walks Tuesday and in general getting more excursive than in the past several months. It’s time to relax and enjoy the calmness. 


wjs said...

Congratulations, see you in a couple of weeks.