Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tavernier - at a dock

Here’s the entrance to Travenier

Here’s the entrance to Tavernier

Today was again, a normal day. Wake up, take Hoolie out, have breakfast, stuff like that. After a while, Nana and I went to the tiki hut to chill, read, and relax. It finally got a bit warmer. Right now, we’re chilling in 80 degree weather. 85.6, to be exact. I had s’more math todo. Still in Tavernier and will soon be heading to Marathon. We were going to stay there overnight, but Monday has winds coming in south. So we’ll stay there for a day, 2 nights. Maybe take a day trip to the turtle hospital. That was all today.

In the tropics, there are gorgeous flower plantings

Today was beautification day for Fleetwing. I finally did a wash down which has been needed ever since we returned from New York. Now she’s looking good for coming into Key West. With the good weather, we are also getting out for our daily walks and everyone is feeling better for that. Meanwhile, I’m looking for a replacement for my failing laptop and have settled on a new Lenovo T150 for a fire sale price of $700. They are moving on to newer models but the T150 is fine for me. 

Pardon me, but I like flowers 

I will be using my iPad Pro 12.9 in the meantime which works fine but I do need access to Microsoft Word for my work with Waterway Guide so I do need the Lenovo. We will spend another two days here before moving on to Marathon on Sunday. It’s a pretty good place to spend some time, protected, warm, what’s not to like?