Tuesday, January 7, 2020

After two days at the Kennedy Space Center - Whew!

SpaceX launch, click on the link before for the full video. We were 3.5 miles away


Hi again, everyone! Yesterday and today, my Grandfather and I had a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. First, we went to the rocket garden and got to see many different rockets and even some replicas of famous capsules. Like the Mercury, Redstone and Apollo 11's command module. After that, we headed to the NASA Hall of Heroes. Before we got in, we watched a short film on other astronaut's heroes. I have to admit, I cried during that presentation. After the Hall of Heroes, we went to see an exhibit labeled "Mars rover," Even though it looked like an exact replica of the Batmobile. Then we got to have lunch with a person that was on 4 space shuttle flights. He talked a lot about this place that astronauts go before a mission called the beach house. After his talk, he answered questions people had. I was called on first, and asked, "What is a Radioisotope Thermal Genorator[RTG]?" I wanted to stump him, but he gave me a probably correct response. Then we left for the bus tours of the real Kennedy Space Center. You know, where they launch the rockets. We got to see the Vehicle Assembly Building[VAB], the big crawlers they use to carry the rockets to the launch sites, and SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket. Then the bus dropped us off at the Apollo Saturn V center.  (Editor's Note, it's getting late for Rowan, time for bed - to be continued tomorrow)

Proposed Mars Rover for when we rsettle Mars
It's been quite a two days of events! Too much to cover but I think Rowan made a start. Monday night was the highlight with a SpaceX launch of 60 internet satellites. The video link is at the top of the page. Rowan enjoyed himself no end. He's a nut on space and I'll have more on that later. For now, it's just fun watching him enjoy everything at the space center.

All made out of Lego, Rowan's favorite building material
I'll summarize more tomorrow. We will be here until Sunday when the weather should allow us to head south again.